Preventive care and rehabilitation

Professional treatment and wellbeing for your horse, massage, laser, electrotherapy

Procheval is a company established for and entirely dedicated to, providing the best possible treatment for your horse, alongside veterinary care. The purpose of your equine endeavors might be good quality leisure, but it might as well be a career as a professional rider. Whichever the case is, your horse can benefit from treatments like massage and electrotherapy. The healthier your horse is, the more pleasant the riding experience and the better are competition results.

Many are the cases where small signals of unsoundness are ignored or considered minor. Until the horse stops jumping, gets a damaged tendon or starts behaving aggressively every time the saddle is brought close by. If the horse is examined regularly and treated when needed, the tendon would still be well and the horse would still be jumping. It is necessary to keep the parts that produce movement in good shape, in other words the locomotive system, which consists of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Pain in the locomotive system causes aggression and therefore problems in the soft tissue also affect the psychological well-being.

Treatment can be aimed at preventing injury and preserving performance, as well as for rehabilitating purposes. The earlier signs of damage are observed and remedied, the easier the treatment and recovery. For the fit and sound horse massage and other therapy is used to maintain and further improve fitness, thus achieving optimal results in training and competition.                    

About me

Horses have been a part of my life since I was seven years old and I started at the local riding school in Ekenäs. I did a bit of local competing as a junior rider, both in dressage and show-jumping. At eighteen I went to university in Turku and did less riding due to lack of time and possibility. This left a big gap in my life, so after completing my studies, I headed to Spain to work as a rider for young horses at a PRE-stud.  As I was working with horses on a daily basis, I started giving a lot of thought to some of the different problems the horses showed and the veterinarians could not find solutions to. I got curious and wanted to find out more about the reasons behind why some horses remained healthy and other ones did not. I started researching different educational programs and ended up finding a  school in Sweden with a programme in equine physical therapy (does not correspond to the Finnish physical therapy programme for animals. I received my final diploma as a Professional Equine Sports Therapist (Equiopat) in 2012. The course involves anatomy from cellular level onwards, preventive care and rehabilitation through massage (Genuin Svensk Massage för Häst, GSMH), electrotherapy, stretching, light therapy, shockwave and homeopathy, including seminars on feeding, hoof care and equipment fitting-

all to provide the best for your horse!      

For full information about the different treatments, please consult the Swedish web pages or get in touch with me. Service and advice provided in English upon request!


Genuin svensk massage therapy

The form of massage therapy I apply enables you to reach the deep body tissue. The purpose of the massage is to enhance blood circulation generally as well as locally in each muscle. Originally this method was created for humans and has later on been adapted to fit the needs of horses. Compared to other massages, the one most resembling is sports massage, which originally builds on Genuine Swedish Massage. In other words, this kind of treatment has a long history.

Abanico and Tiina canterThe overall principle used in the massage is to have an impact on the muscle through three phases; first the muscle is provoked, second it is stretched, both in more general and in a more specific manner, and third, drainage is done to remove excess fluid and slagg products that have been released from the tissue during the course of the treatment. The lymphatic structures are activated during the massage and will consume the waste produced, thereby soft tissue is cleansed. Because circulation is enhanced, the metabolism will also speed up, which means it affects the horse’s well-being comprehensively.     

Massage is used to improve and solve the following problems: crookedness, stiffness, locomotion problems, undefined lameness (no cause found by veterinarians), if the horse moves with one shoulder in front or throws the hindquarters sideways (moves on two tracks), irregular paces, one direction is considerably more difficult to the horse, difficulty to move the hindquarters under the body, refuse to jump, on  injuries that are no longer acute (to speed up recovery and maintain mobility), problems in or unable to stop on slopes, aggression, nervousness etc.

Massage is not used: if the horse is medicated or has had vaccination recently, has an acute injury, has an inflammation (including all standard signs), has lymphangitis, the horse has a cold or has swollen lymphatic structures or if the horse is in a very bad overall shape.

What massage does for your horse: enhances metabolism, improves circulation, improves function of lymphatic system, removes stiffness and crookedness (of course riding has to be adapted), removes pain, removes aggression and nervousness caused by pain, normalizes paces, swelling disappears, the horse is more loose and relaxed in motion, the horse shows better results and more smoothness in work and the horse is more pleasant to ride.       

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is one kind of light therapy, meaning that we provide a high dose of light to the damaged area and thereby achieve a healing effect.  This treatment is well suited to all sorts of injuries, including inflammation, wounds, swellings, muscle, ligament or tendon problems. Laser therapy does not provoke a reaction in the tissue- it only provides energy for the tissue to start a healing process. This is why it is excellent alternative for pain relief and acute problems. Generally a series of treatments is required for long lasting results.


Electrotherapy is used for relaxing tense muscles, enhancing blood circulation, pain relief and removing of swelling. I use diadynamic currents (DF, CP and MF), direct current and faradic currents. Diadynamic currents provoke the tissue which speeds up recovery; it is very efficient for treating tense muscle tissue, ligaments and tendons. In addition, it has an analgetic effect. Direct currents are used both for direct treatment, removal of excess fluids, and above all for pain relief.  Faradic current, in turn, is applied when you wish to normalize muscle function after other treatments. In other words, it is used for reactivating the muscle. Electrotherapy is used either alone or in combination with massage.       


-Treatment 75€/horse (incl. tax)

Includes use of all equipment according to the horses need.

-Massage full horse 90€

Done upon request by the owner, only if the horse does not show signs of specific symptoms that should be treated first.

-Laser therapy

Tendon or suspensory ligament injuries, other major problems (treatment 20-25min) 35 €

Minor problems (treatment approx. 10min) 20€

If more than one patient at the same stable, travel expenses are not added to laser treatments.

-Travel expenses 0,22€/km

If journey exceeds 20km one way from Tammisaari.

Prices valid from July 2016.

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